The first thing the experts tell you about online accounting software is that it automates your accounting function and saves your time. However, choosing perfect accounting software is not easy because they appear to have similar functionality. Here are some important tips that you should know to make the right choice.


8 Tips for Choosing Online Accounting Software

1.Software Functionality

You need to start your search by making a list of basic and industry specific accounting needs of your business. Maybe you need to raise purchase order or hold inventory, repeat transactions, multi-currency transactions, etc.

Maybe you need to consistently track project costing or a tool that integrates seamlessly with your existing software suite, etc. The online accounting software will help you in capturing and storing your business’ financial data.

However, if you look hard enough, you will notice that they differ in other functionalities. Get on the internet and search for a solution that will fit your business needs.


2.Multi-currency Transactions

Today, even small businesses offer specialized or exotic services and products. As a result, they often deal with foreign clients. In this case, a standard accounting software offering basic functionality may not serve your business needs.

If you run one such a business, having online accounting software that offers multi-currency support is a must for you. The software will make it easy for you to post transactions in the currency of your customers’ choice and your base currency.


3.On-the-Go Accounting Software

The new breed of entrepreneurs is internet-savvy. It is no wonder that they prefer online business software solutions. You can access online accounting software 24X7 from anywhere.

These are browser-based accounting solutions and can be accessed using a desktop or smartphone. It means you get to access the latest data before making a commitment to your client.


4.Collaborate with Your Accountant

If you are still using desktop-based accounting software, you and the accountant can only collaborate by being in the front of the same screen. It could be cumbersome and may also waste time and resources before you could make decisions.

Online accounting software allows you to do the same from wherever you are. Such systems allow multi-users who can access the same resource on the system and discuss things. It makes it easy to base your decisions on the latest data.


5.Bank Reconciliation

As a business owner, you have to reconcile your corporate bank account. It gives you a chance to ensure that the accounting records (expenses and income) that you are keeping matches with that of the entries in your bank account.

If there is a mismatch in the records, you get a chance to put things straight and reflect the true state of your cash flow. It goes a long way in understanding the financial state of your business and in financial reporting.


6.Scalability & Data Security

You have to choose an online accounting system that you will accommodate the increased volume of your business’ transactions. You need to ensure that the software will be able to offer additional functionality to make the handling of increased data easy.

You may also need to give access to it to multiple users. Access needs to be on the need-to-know basis enabling different users to do their jobs by being able to access the data they need.


7.Financial Reporting

As a business owner, you need various financial reports to make business decisions. Know the types of reports the software generates. Accounting software that generates a variety of financial reports is obviously, will prove to be useful to you.


8.Ask for Recommendations

Before you go and buy online accounting software, ask around, read customer reviews, or find a company or individual who has used or is using the software. Inquire about their experiences and opinions.

You can also take your accountant’s recommendation. They generally know about the market trends and which accounting software is of real use to the small business.

Today online accounting software comes with intuitive interfaces. The vendors really work at building easy to use the software. They ensure that the learning curve for the user is not steep. Before you buy one, download the free trial of the chosen software and see if it works for your business.