If you are a start-up or a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) owner, then probably you are searching for an affordable online accounting software to do your books. As per the directions of the regulating authorities, maintaining spot-on financial records is a necessity. However, you need to invest in the right tool to accomplish the task successfully.

Yes, your wait is over! One Accounting software is the best accounting software for small business. It is web-based, intuitive, secure, and it is specially designed to address the accounting needs of the owners like you. It is the right tool to vouchsafe your statutory compliance in a time-bounded manner.

Accounting Software for Small Business: Leave the Spreadsheets Behind

Trying to manage your business without knowing its actual financial status is like walking in the darkness without a torch-light. You simply don’t know whether you are heading into a hazard or not. For a start-up or a small business like you, the price of a popular cloud or online accounting software may just prove to be an extra burden.

Some of the owners try to overcome the difficulty by doing the task manually or using the spreadsheet and pay the cost. It may prove to be too high for you and may come at the expense of your business. The time that you could have used to promote your company and products or services is lost on updating the books which is a non-core task. It is a big setback to a small business owner, especially, for those who are managing the show single-handedly.

Does Investing in Accounting Software Help?

A company needs to be efficient to ensure its survival & success. With a well-executed small business accounting software, you can actually reduce a large amount of manual and spreadsheet-based processes and save on resource.

The web-based One Accounting Software is a state-of-the-art software exactly suitable to streamline your accounting tasks. It is rich in modules & allows the users to update the books of account effortlessly. It is an essential step in keeping a tab on the cash flow and ultimately, the financial health of the business. Whenever it is a decision-making time, the management needs access to the data that reflects the true state of the company’s financial affairs. It assists them in determining the implications of the decisions on the company’s bottom line. Following are the features of One Accounting Software that will assist you in making a wise decision.

Features of One Accounting Software

  • GST Filing: Calculate your GST accurately & simplify your GST filing
  • Sales & Purchase Management: Enhance your cash flow by sending email invoices
  • Inventory Management: Know what is in the stock before preparing the invoices & orders
  • Account Reconciliation: Balance your accounts and determine whether they are in agreement
  • Multi-Currency Transactions: Conduct multi-currency transactions & convert the values in base currency
  • Budget & Forecast: Take care of your budget, forecasting, analysis, & comparison
  • Reports: Get multiple financial reports for decision-making
  • Recurring Transactions: Handle repeat transactions with ease
  • Manage Multi-Users & Roles: Use the software to collaborate with your accountant or colleagues
  • Contact Management: Maintain customer & vendor details on easily accessible list


Create Multiple Companies with One Accounting Software

Some of the owners have more than one company. They need a small business accounting software that can assist them in the accounting of all their companies. One Accounting Software is the perfect choice for them as it allows the users to create as many companies as they need. The software speeds the process up by letting them base a company on the template of existing businesses and industry type (for example, an Accounting firm). It further accommodates them by automatically creating default accounts for it.

Manage your Payables and Receivables Accurately

One Accounting Software is purposefully developed to perform double entry accounting. It presents you with easy-to-navigate user-interfaces as an aid to doing your accounting tasks. It simplifies management of Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger. It also allows you to generate a number of reports. Such financial reports are useful in gauging the financial status of the business and in planning the future course of the action.

Keep in Touch with Your Financial Data from Anywhere at Any Time

The online accounting software can make a real difference to the execution of statutory responsibilities of the startup and small businesses. The initial costs of such tools are relatively less when compared to on-the-premises accounting software. This type of software systems needs a minimum amount of infrastructure and expenses. As they are rendered from the web servers, the user does not have to spend on their maintenance or upgradations.

The online accounting software is easily accessible from anywhere using devices like computer, laptop, tablets, and smartphone over the internet connection. It allows multiple users which makes it easy for you, as the company owner, to collaborate with the accountant, bookkeeper or your colleagues.