Features of One Accounting Software

One Accounting Software for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Every business must update its books of accounts regularly as it plays a significant role in its well-being & success. Having the spot-on financial data in hand, lets you be in the commanding position when it is time to deal with your payables & receivables, tax liabilities, or stakeholders’ queries. It also lends credibility to the financial health of your business.

One Accounting software makes easy-to-use accounting features available to you and aids you in the effortless recording of the business transactions. The pro-user online accounting software allows for the fuzz-free creation & maintenance of masters, vouchers, and for the preparation of timely reports.

Unlike some traditional small business accounting software with basic features, One Accounting Software offers you a broad range of features that are more detailed, allowing you to handle the task with unmatched control and flexibility.

This business accounting online software facilitates a single platform to control and manage virtually all accounting related aspects of your business. With features like competitive price and comprehensive solutions, it can be rightly said that One Accounting is the best online accounting software for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The best accounting software for small business empowers you to initiate & manage your business’ critical accounting-related operations in a user-friendly way. Go through the features of the One Accounting software & figure out whether it can match your needs or not.

Manage Your Accounting Numbers Using One Accounting Software

  • It is an online accounting solution. Hence, you can track the data from anywhere.
  • You can access the data anytime, from any device -Computer, laptop or tablet with internet connection.
  • Track and understand the real-time financial position.
  • You can discuss and collaborate with the experts (accountants/bookkeepers).
  • The automatic invoicing feature lets you get paid faster.
  • Data are backed up automatically and protected with the use of Security Matrix.

Features of One Accounting Software

GST Compliant Accounting Software

One Accounting Software is GST compatible accounting software. It makes sure that your business is GST-Ready right from the day one. It allows setting of tax defaults for sales & purchases. The online accounting software aids you in the setting of tax rates that you want to appear on bills, invoices, & transactions.

Choose, with One Accounting Software, the appropriate GST method and the different GST codes for your sales and purchases. Prepare the report in the suitable format to ease the filling up of GST tax form. Access GST reports for any period to review listed transactions.


Speed Up Sales & Purchase Management

Use One Accounting software to manage & modify invoices. Schedule & automatically send invoices that are inclusive or exclusive of taxes to your customers promptly. Track paid and overdue invoices from a single point. In addition, benefit from the Advanced Feature of recurring and automatic entry.

Automate your invoicing process with One Accounting Software, the best accounting software for small business. Easily create & dispatch the customized invoices having your company logo & contact info in chosen font and colors electronically. Add any items & related info to invoices without wasting your valuable time. Get paid faster & maintain your cash flow.

Streamline Your Inventory

Stay on top of your inventory with One Accounting Software and enjoy an increase in revenue, client satisfaction, & productivity. Use the best accounting software for small business to evaluate sales and purchase orders, their status, and stock requirements. Track current stock status before quoting or invoicing.

Use the One Accounting Software to add items to invoices & orders in a jiffy. It avoids typos, & speeds up the creation of accurate quotes, invoices, & purchase orders. Attach images to items in inventory for visual identification and reference with this reliable small business software.

Reconcile Any of Your Business Accounts

Seamlessly reconcile your accounts with the best online accounting software. One Accounting Software takes only minutes. Make sure the money going out of your accounts matches the amounts spent. Maintain your books of accounts in order without getting a headache.

This innovative business accounting online software automates and speeds up the comparison of entries of transactions like that in general ledger or cheque book. It also prepares and serves you with a comprehensive reconciliation report for data driven decision making.

Optimize Business Expenditure with Budgets

Create your budgets with One Accounting Software, plan your financial performance & allocate optimal resources. Keep a plan of action for attaining quantified goals handy & retain a yardstick to measure business’ performance & the means of adjusting to the adverse events. Bring professionalism to your estimates of the business’ revenue & expenditure for the period under consideration.

The online accounting software provides multiple budget related reports for your consumption. They enable you to take a bearing on your company’s performance & compare your actuals with the budgeted amounts. With One Accounting Software, you clearly know whether you are over or under the budget. Get reports essential for the deeper understanding of company’s financial position.

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Smart Dashboard

Shun the numbers and judge your business’ performance with advanced Dashboard presented by One Accounting Software. The dashboard presents you with an at-a-glance consolidated view of the business’ financial status & the activities of other users.

  • Chart for Cash In & Out of the company
  • Chart for Invoices owed to the company
  • Chart for Bills’ owed by the company

This business accounting online software renders real-time data about your receivables, payables, cash flow, & expenses in the form of easily readable charts. One Accounting Software arms you with the latest information necessary for effective business decisions & for planning the future course of action.


Get Access to a Wide Variety of Reports

There is no need to wait until the end of the month to know the performance of your small & medium business. One Accounting Software presents you with a wide variety of insightful accounting reports & lets you master your finances. The reports are easily accessible as there are no hidden layers.

Instantly access your trial balance, balance sheet, profit & loss statement for as of date & multi-period, sales reports, purchase reports, bank register, & other financial reports.

Manage Customer & Vendor List

Take charge of your contact list with One Accounting Software and ensure the success of your business. Add, edit, & update your contacts’ details & mark them as your customers or vendors without any fuss.

This online accounting software Singapore lets you specify your default foreign currency, GST or the sales tax rate, track overdue invoices & other parameters that are essential for the accurate and successful transactions.


Manage Recurring Transaction

Take care of business transactions that you regularly record by creating, saving & sending custom templates like invoices. One Accounting Software enables you to speed up the process by automatically posting the scheduled transactions & by emailing out the invoices to your contacts.

Create Multiple Roles & Manage Multiple-Users

One Accounting Software allows you to grant access to your financial data to multiple users. Create different roles & restrict access to the data on the need-to-know-basis. Collaborate with accountants, bookkeepers, and colleagues to master financial data of your business & keep your books update.

Managing Multi-Currency Transactions

Today, even SMEs can engage in multinational trade. It means coping with the ever-changing FOREX rates. Set currency preferences for each of your contacts & accounts with One Accounting Software. Create transactions in the multiple foreign currencies & also keep track of your accounting in base currency. Get daily updated exchange rates.

Use One Accounting software to convert foreign currency transactions to your default local currency in real-time & understand the actual cash flow. You can set the base currency of your choice. Get detailed currency reports such as Realized & Unrealized Gain/ Loss report, etc.

Ease of Use of One Accounting Software

Easy Setup

No installation required. Access web-based One Accounting Software using internet browsers


24/7 Accessibility (Role-based restricted access)

Access Anywhere

You can access the software from anywhere using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone with an internet connection.

Web-Based System

One Accounting Software is an online accounting software solution. Hence, you can track the data from anywhere.

Operating System

Any OS such as Windows, Apple Mac, etc.

Data Security

The software backs-up your data automatically. The data is protected with the use of Security Matrix and role-based access.


Customer Support

You can contact us using the phone, email, & live chat. You will get expert assistance and online support for free whenever you need it. Our highly-trained support team is ever ready to help you with reliable solutions and advice.

There are dozens of characteristics of OneAccounting software which make it one of the most sought after accounting software solutions in the market. Easy-to-use, wide variety of features, mobility, and integration are to name a few.