What is Accounting Software?

Accounting software is a tool that enables you to automate various accounting & bookkeeping tasks. You can also use it to store business financial data and to streamline financial transactions.

When you are manually updating business accounts, it time-consuming to record, analyze, & interpret financial transactions. It introduces mistakes due to typos, fatigue, loss of concentration, and there are many things that could go wrong. It could mess with your efforts to track business operations.


How Can Online Accounting Software Streamline Your Accounting?

Business accounting is aimed at knowing the ultimate financial state or health of the business. This is where online accounting software steps in and enables you to automate the process. These tools can really streamline your accounting and make it easy.

Implementation of accounting software in India and elsewhere makes the process less resource-intensive and time-consuming. Most importantly, it saves time for management and ensures business’ statutory compliance. It takes the stress out of the task and let the management to focus on the core issues of the business.


Accounting Software Can Bring Efficiency to Business Accounting

Let us see the important features of online accounting software in India and how dynamically it can streamline your daily chore.

Dashboard (Live-feed)

Track cash In/Out and payable & receivable of your business using charts based on live data in one place.


Eye on Cash Flow

Every owner has to pay attention to the business’ cash coming in and flowing out of business. If you do not have a positive cash flow, it means there is something wrong that needs your urgent attention. It is decision-making time.


Send Customized Invoices

Use online accounting software to email customized invoices. Make them impressive by adding company name, logo, and trademark to professionally designed templates. Get paid on time.


Accounts Receivable

If the dashboard chart is showing business outstanding in red, prepare the aging accounts receivable software report and send an email reminder to your customers for the payment.


Accounts Payable

Use the dashboard chart to know how much you owe to your suppliers and vendors. Pay on time and maintain the credibility of your brand with Accounts Payable Software in India.


Budgeting & Forecasting

Use the business financial data in the central database of your accounting software to plan for the needs of the business. Allocate funds to the important tasks, eliminate or postpone unimportant expenses, forecast revenue, and prepare yearly budget with budgeting & forecasting software in India.


Account Reconciliation

Reconcile accounts, including the bank account by reconciling In/Out banking entries and prepare bank deposits with Accounts Reconciliation software in India .


Manage Inventory

Use accounting software to manage business inventory efficiently by effectively adjusting and maintaining stock. Record and track movement of items between locations and account for stock items used for invoicing a combo item.


Prepare Financial Statements and Reports

Prepare various types of financial statements and management reports from Financial Reporting Software in India to support data-driven decision-making.


Manage Customer and Vendor List

You do not have to rely on the paper-filing system anymore. Manage customer and vendor details using your accounting software. Store their information in the centralized database and get instant access to it.


Multi-Currency Support

Assign currency of customers’ choice to their accounts. And see the total value of the transaction in the base currency of your choice. With accounting software, it is easy to set the foreign currency exchange rates and other aspects as per your business needs.


Multi-User Roles

There are times when business owners need to collaborate with their accountants. Online accounting software enables them to do so. The user roles are based on the security matrix and regulate access to data on a need-to-know basis.

Online accounting software allows you to stay in touch with your business data. You can use your internet-capable smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to access it anytime and from anywhere. The all-time access to your organization’s finances brings accuracy to your business decisions.