Online Inventory Software for Small Business

It is a good thing if you are searching for online inventory software for your small business. It means you are taking it to the next level of growth. Such business software streamlines your processes, increases efficiency, & saves time and money.


Uses of Online Inventory System for Small Business

Track Items and Profits/ Losses

The online inventory systems enable you to track inventory, update it, and know the resulting profits or losses. It means maintaining enough stock levels, accessing info from anywhere, making commitments to the clients confidently and fulfilling their demand.

The inventory software automates and streamlines your inventory-related work. Its major benefit is that it greatly reduces your data-entry and the typos associated with it. After the implementation, you can even import invoices from your existing system to OneAccounting software without any difficulty.


Seamless Invoicing

You can use it to create quotes & estimates and send them to your customers. Afterwards, you can use either of these documents to prepare and automatically email invoices to your customer. You do not have to rely on snail mail to do so.


Customised Invoices

Designing professional-looking invoices is a mean task for any business owner. OneAccounting software makes it easy for you. It comes with professionally designed invoice templets. You can further customise these by adding company info to them.


Improve Brand Image

In today’s competitive marketplace, every effort that improves business’ branding counts. You can use this software to customise invoice templetes and create customer-specific invoices. It enhances your brand image and makes the business memorable.


Easy Accounting

When you create a new company in OneAccounting software, it creates default accounts based on the business’ type. When you feed in purchase or sales invoices into the software, the information is reflected in appropriate accounts. You can easily access the updated stock levels.


Shift Items

If you are maintaining stocks at different locations, it adds to the complexity of inventory management. However, online inventory software keeps track of items in stock. It enables you in shifting required items from one warehouse to another easily.


Auto-Create Stock Items

A well-built inventory system makes invoicing of complex orders a smooth sailing for you. OneAccounting software comes with the Auto-Create Stock Items feature. You can use it to build an item from a number of different items in the stock.


Pricing Policy

Online inventory software gives you real-time visibility into your inventory. It enables you to track item-wise profits or losses. You have the option of basing your pricing policy on standard cost or the average cost of items. It enables you to account for the returned or damaged goods and raise credit notes to the customer.


Inventory Reports

OneAccounting software presents you with various reports valuable for making data-driven decisions. The reports like Purchase Value and Sales Value gives you valuable information about business’ inventory turnover. And, Ageing Report gives you a handle on the management of Receivables & Payables.

Small business owners try a number of inventory solutions to address their inventory needs. In the initial days of their business, using paper and pen or Excel spreadsheet for manual inventory makes sense. However, a growing business must update to online inventory software.

Implementation of an online inventory software gives you any time access to business’ latest financials. It is immense leverage when it comes to making business decisions regarding supply and demand and order fulfilment and customer satisfaction.