It pays for the SME owners to invest in an online accounting software. It assists them in the tracking of their invoices and cash flow,” commented Ms. Meena. is a web portal & offers an innovative small business accounting software. The software is rich in features & competently satisfies the accounting needs of small businesses.

It is not easy for small businesses to keep up with the changes in the technologies. The business IT solutions like online accounting software systems is an area they want to capitalize on. However, they lack the resources and capital for it. One Accounting Software is a solution that is within their reach.

“This web-based small business accounting software system is especially useful to the SMEs that regularly engage in cross-border transactions. The software enables them to set Multi-Currencies or Base Currency to accommodate such type of transactions,” commented Ms. Meena, from

With the help of One Accounting Software, the small business owners can assign the appropriate currency to their clients’ account. They can also view the value of the transaction in their base currency. Or, set the foreign currency exchange rates as per their needs. Moreover, this best accounting software allows them to create unlimited companies.

The purpose of accounting is to keep track of financial transactions and health of the company. The software presents the owners with various charts and enables them to take stock of things at a glance. The charts show cash flow of the company for the last six months, budget details, the total amount of money owed by and to the company,” said Ms. Meena.

The small business owners multitask, and most of them can hardly devote any time to the non-core task like Accounting. Doing it manually is highly time-consuming. However, One Accounting Software lets them automate the job and keep tabs on the different aspects of their business. They can,

  • Track Banking entries
  • Reconcile any account
  • Prepare Bank Deposit
  • Payment settlement
  • Sort and view all transactions by date
  • Email invoices and bills
  • GST Filing
  • Customer & Vendor list Management
  • Create customized invoices, quotes, orders, bills, credit notes
  • Print invoices, bills, cheque (based on already entered entries)
  • Take care of recurring Transactions
  • Manage inventory comprehensively
  • Create all types of financial reports

The owner can create an unlimited number of companies and can base each of them on the available business and industry types in our small business accounting software. They could base it on the template of the accounting firm, retail business or a manufacturing firm, etc. The system, based on their choice, will automatically create all the default accounts for their company.

The One Accounting Software is easy to use. It provides user-friendly interfaces and intuitive navigation. The features and modules it comes with are comparable to the best accounting software systems available in the market.

Since it is an online small business accounting software, the business owners can access it from anywhere at any time to update or know the latest financial status. They can use laptops, tablets, smartphones, or desktops with an internet connection. For the small businesses, it an affordable way to keep a keen eye on their cash flow and financial health,” concluded Ms. Meena.