“An accounting software for small business can improve work-life balance for the SME owners. It keeps them in touch with their business data 24/7 from anywhere,” advised Oneaccountingsoftware.com.

Oneaccountingsoftware.com is a well-known website that has a well-built web-based accounting software for small business. The software is fully capable of addressing and satisfying the accounting needs of small and growing businesses.

“The businesses, small, mid-size, and big, are well off if they are consistent in documenting their financial transactions. That is where online accounting software for SME comes into the picture. These systems allow the business owners and managers to access and update the financial data whenever it is necessary. It allows them to email customized invoices to the clients and gets paid on time,” said Ms. Meena, the Business Head of Oneaccountingsoftware.com.

A desktop based accounting system is not enough for today’s business owners and managers. They depend on the latest financial data for their decision-making. The online accounting software for small business gives them the ability to update or access the data instantly.

It allows them to maintain the edge over their competitors through timely and effective data-driven decisions. They can use their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops over the reliable internet connection to connect to the best accounting software for small business.

The small companies trading with the foreign companies must use web-based accounting system for SME to handle transactions in multiple currencies. They also need to see their financial transactions with the foreign trade partners in a base currency of their choice. Their owners also need to collaborate with the accountant and the colleagues.

“Today, the businesses want much more from an accounting software for SME. It is the reason why you should search high and low to locate the right tool for your use. The features of an accounting software and the modules that it provides is a good indicator of whether to shortlist it or not for further study. The following list of features may prove to be of help to you,” continued Ms. Meena.

Features of One Accounting Software

  • GST-Ready Accounting Software
  • Multi-Currency Management
  • Customer & Vendor list Management
  • Creation of Multiple User Roles
  • Multiple Users
  • Create Unlimited Companies
  • Customized Invoices
  • Online Invoicing improves Sale & Purchase Management
  • Streamline Inventory Management
  • Reconcile any Business Accounts (including bank accounts)
  • Budget Planning and Forecasting
  • Dashboard to get real-time results
  • Reports Management
  • Recurring Transaction Management
  • Prepare Bank Deposit
  • Sort and view all transactions by date
  • GST Filing
  • Create all types of financial reports

“The best accounting software for small business assists owners in keeping track of the money coming in and going out of the business. It also prepares and presents various financial reports and charts. Such documents in the hands of qualified accountants can spell out the true state of business’s finance. They are useful to the accountants in advising the owners on corrective actions if it is needed.

“When it comes to ensuring the survival and growth of the business, a non-core task like accounting is of not much help to the owners. It generates no revenue, so any prowess in it is no real achievement. That is why the task needs to be done without wasting time and resources especially the skilled and qualified human resource. It needs to be automated, and accounting software for SME offers you the best and reliable solution.

The business software landscape is an everchanging place. It has now churned out online accounting software for small business. If you are still relying on the pen-paper or spreadsheets for updating and maintaining the financial records of your business, you need to think hard and fast about upgrading to a reliable accounting software,” concluded Ms. Meena.

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