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OneAccounting Software for SMEs in UK

Small & Medium Businesses

OneAccounting, online accounting software specially designed understanding the needs of UK small & medium enterprises to fulfil their accounting needs. It is used for online billing and invoicing, inventory management, preparing quotations, reporting (balancesheet, profit & loss statement, trial balance, aging receivable/payable, bank register, reconciliation, budgeting analysis, general ledger and journal), etc.

Easy to use

OneAccounting is very easy to use and understand. Any person with basic knowledge of accounting can use it.

Ready to Go

It comes with in-buit modules for industries including services, retail, agriculture, manufacturing, etc. It comes with business specific account setups for 100+ businesses including accounting firms, cleaning services, clinics, laundry, construction, real estate angencies, IT consultant, travel agencies, manufacturing companies, E-commerce businesses, traders, hotels & restaurants, etc. check full list here.


Provides data security, data backup, real time info and prompt customer support.

Features of OneAccounting Software

Everything that small businesses need in their online accounting software.

Billing & Invoicing

Prepare bills & customized Invoices using professionally designed templates. Email or Print them.

Accounts Receivable

Get chart based on live data using the dashboard and know how much customers owe to the company.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Plan for future needs of your business and create yearly budget, manage funds to projects and forecast business revenue.

Banking Options

Track In/Out Banking entries, reconcile any accounts, and prepare Bank Deposit.

Inventory System

Manage stock maintenance, count & adjust inventory. Move items between locations, account for stock items used for a combo item.

Accounts Payable

Get chart using Dashboard & know how much company owes to its suppliers.


Prepare comprehensive financial reports and statements to support data-driven decision-making.


Get charts based on live data for data-driven decisions. Track cash in/out, payable & receivable, and user activity.

Our Satisfied Customers

“100% satisfied with OneAccounting Software. It solved accounting for my starting business. Have already recommended it to my friends.” – Howard Paterson

“It is easier to invoice using OneAccounting Software. It is fast and I am starting to get paid on time.” – Albert Cowan

“My clients know the invoice is from me. I send customized versions. I am using OneAccounting Software to brand my business.” – Dennis Cummings

Additional Features

Features that help accountants do their work proficiently.

User Friendly Settings

Set multiple currencies, search by account name, outstanding credit alert, pay oldest invoice, or bill first.


Easy to Use

Simple accounting terms makes software easy to use and understand the flow by following proper steps.

Easy Import

Powerful import option provides smart mapping of imported business’ financial data by any key-term.

Auto Save

Stores drafted entries & give users an option to save it. Auto-saves session data at a regular interval.

Multi Currency Support

Set and track multiple currencies through separate accounts. Set foreign exchange rates transaction-wise.

Multi User / Roles

Create multiple user roles based on security matrix and control access to business’ financial data for confidentiality.

Easy Search Options

Advance search option gives you multiple filters to find exactly what you looking for and instantly.

Customer & Vendor Management

Effectively manage customer & vendor information by setting base & foreign currency, credit limit, tax code, etc.


Customized Invoices

Create impressive invoices using our professionally designed templates and customise it as you like.

Activity Log

Keep track of activities performed by the OneAccounting software users through easy to access activity log.


Prepare and Email Invoices to your customers.


Create a forecast, prepare budget-related reports. Compare & analyse actual figures with the forecast.

Easy Account Setup

View account classification, create new accounts, & transfer money. Customise linked accounts like debtor’s, creditor’s, receipts, payment, etc., tracking account.

Recurring Transactions

Automatically takes care of repeat transactions. Save time & efforts.

Excel Data Export

Prepare & export reports, including balance sheet, profit & loss statement, etc., in PDF, Excel, & Word format.

Profit-Loss & Balance Sheet Reports

Prepare yearly & multi-period Profit/Loss statement & Standard Balance sheet with personalisation.


Reconcile any accounts, including bank account. Keep a tab on business’ cash flow.

Track Sales & Expenses

Track the invoices owed to the company and bills owed by the company.

Simplified Navigation

Search option auto-completes your input & saves time. Jump instantly to Sales or Purchase invoices, Pay bills, Purchase quotations, invoices, & reports.

Email, Print Estimates, Invoices

Email or print invoices instantly and takes care of cash flow. Email or print estimates.

Maintain Financial Data

OneAccounting Software maintain data for multiple years.

Our Pricing Plans


$19 (Save Almost 50%)
  • Number of Users – 1
  • Free Support
  • Multi-currency
  • Unlimited Sales Invoice
  • Purchase Invoice – 49


$39 (Save Almost 50%)
  • Number of Users – 3
  • Free Support
  • Multi-currency
  • Unlimited Sales Invoice
  • Purchase Invoice – 99


$59 (Save Almost 50%)
  • Number of Users – 5
  • Free Support
  • Multi-currency
  • Unlimited Sales Invoice
  • Unlimited Purchase Invoice

Cloud One Accounting Software for All Accounting needs


  • Easy to use accounting software
  • Powerful Import for financial data
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Effectively manage customer & vendor
  • Prepare and Email Invoices to your customers
  • Automatically takes care of repeat transactions
  • 24X7- any time & anywhere access
  • Expert customer support

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Why Online Accounting Software for Small Businesses?

  • Manage your own financial data without spending much on professionals.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of your financial data.
  • See real-time picture of your business’ financial health any time from anywhere.
  • User-friendly statistical data & graphical presentation of financial data for owner or experts.
  • Access past data anytime to compare with current stats.

Note: OneAccounting keeps historical data unless the user deletes it manually or subsciption ends.

Why OneAccounting Software for CPA firms in UK?

  • OneAccounting Software is built understanding the requirements of accountants & accounting firms to manage multiple projects and reporting for the clients.
  • Supports multi-currency, and multi-user roles.
  • Easy to migrate from any software to OneAccounting.
  • Useful reports for clients to take financial decisions.
  • Many users can access & process same data simultaneously.
  • Import Sales and Purchase transactions.

FAQs for One Accounting Software

What is One Accounting Software?

One Accounting Software is an online accounting software. It saves time and money by streamlining and automating your business’ accounting needs like:

  • Prepare and email professional invoices
  • Email invoices and bills
  • Prepare bank deposit
  • View transactions by date
  • Customer & Vendor list management
  • Create multiple user roles
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Multi-currency transactions
  • Reconcile accounts
  • Prepare financial documents
Can I access One Accounting Software on my smartphone?

Yes! You can access One Accounting software on any internet-enabled smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. It is online accounting software, and hence, you do not need to install or maintain it. You can access it using a web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

Can I import and export data using One Accounting Software?

This online accounting software comes with the import option. It is a powerful option that lets you map imported financial data using any key terms.

You can use One Accounting Software to prepare and export various financial statements and management reports in PDF, Excel, & Word format.

Can multiple users access my QuickBooks Online company file at the same time?

Depending on what QuickBooks Online plan you’re using, you can have up to five users accessing the same company file simultaneously. You can also invite your accountant to access your company file.

Can I try One Accounting Software for free?

Yes! Of course! You can try it for free for 32 days. You can either click on on the FREE TRIAL button or use the link: (https://www.oneaccountingsoftware.com/uk/free-trial/) to access the page and fill your details and requirement.